Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble Deletes Her Social Media Accounts After Old Tweet of Her Threatening to Murder Another NFL Player is Exposed – BlackSportsOnline
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Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble Deletes Her Social Media Accounts After Old Tweet of Her Threatening to Murder Another NFL Player is Exposed

Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble has made her Instagram page private and deleted all the photos from there.

She has deleted all the photos from her Facebook page.

She deleted her Twitter account entirely after people started digging through the tweets and found some problematic ones. The worst is where she threatens an NFL Player (not Dalvin Cook) with a “Fatal Attraction.” At first, I thought she was speaking about the movie with Michael Douglas and Glen Close, but I realized she was talking about the TV series “Fatal Attraction.”

The series features non-fiction narratives of crimes committed by a partner in an abusive relationship. The program is edited in a documentary style, using a central voice-over narration by Malikha Mallette, as well as interviews with people who have first-hand knowledge of the case, including law-enforcement officials, lawyers, journalists, friends, and family members of both the victims and the accused. The first season was narrated by Lynn Whitfield.

Dalvin Cook’s representatives and lawyers have stated that Ms. Trimble has a history of domestic violence and that Cook is the victim. Trimble’s husband divorced her after she stabbed him, and there is a video of Trimble threatening to get her gun and shoot Cook. She is also caught on camera admitting to hitting him and pulling his hair.  Cook’s lawyer released a statement saying that she damaged two of Cook’s vehicles and assaulted him for being with other women.

Ms. Trimble doesn’t deny those facts, but she does deny in the relationship with Cook, she was the primary abuser. She claims that Cook physically abused her multiple times, including the time she broke into his house. She said she only grabbed the gun and attempted to mace Cook out of self-defense.  She claims Cook has been abusing her throughout their relationship and even cheated on her while she was in the hospital after suffering a miscarriage. 

Ironically, Cook is also going the self-defense route by saying that once she broke into his house and held him and his guests hostage with a gun, he had every right to do whatever he needed to do to subdue her, and that is when she sustained her injuries.

Even after all this, they stayed together for six months, so I wouldn’t be shocked if a year from now they are backed together.

Flip the pages for the suspect tweet and social media posts From Ms. Trimble.

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