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The Story Of How Rapper Chamillionaire Was Forced to Pay Thousands of Dollars For Michael Jordan’s Jersey Because of Kim Kardashian

In his attempt to impress Kim Kardashian, rapper Chamillionaire had to go the extra mile and pay thousands of dollars ($7K) for Michael Jordan’s jersey at an auction. Everyone famous male probably wants to taste Kanye West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian huh?

Essentially Sports got more;

The craze for Michael Jordan is still alive, even to this day. The NBA legend made people all around the world love fall in love with him. Even the most famous stars couldn’t catch their breath when with MJ. And the rapper Chamillionaire was hell-bent on having his jersey during an auction. However, he had a rival who just won’t let go. And the reason was as bizarre as ever.

The story between Chamillionaire and Jordan is really popular. Jordan has waved the millionaire rapper in their initial meeting with one another. What made it worst is Chamillionaire had just gone all out in a bidding war to get His Airness jersey. And the person who kept the bidding going wanted nothing to do with the jersey.

The rapper went on a stream and explained why he had to pay $7000 for Jordan’s jersey. He went to an auction hosted by Reggie Bush who was trying to sell off some of his jerseys. The collection caught Chamillionaire’s eyes right away. With jerseys of Jordan, Iverson, Carter, and other legends, the rapper had to get his hands on the priced pieces. However, a hindrance came in his way and a bidding war started.

He said: They said four thousand, we kept going back and forth, and then I finally went over to him at seven thousand. I was like ‘Hey man, stop raising your hand man you don’t want them jerseys.’ I said ‘How about we both stop? We split the jerseys at 7000 and we split the money.’ So we didn’t raise our hands no more. Then they said sold to Chamillionaire and that guy right there for $7000. So the guys tells me he didn’t even want to get the jerseys. He was just trying to show off to Kim Kardashian who was on stage…”

At the end of it, the rapper had to pay a huge sum of $7000 to get his hands on a Michael Jordan jersey. While it may not seem worth it, Chamillionaire got his chance to tell MJ. However, it did not go his way. Jordan blew him off, and even former Celtics Paul Pierce had to step in to calm the situation. Hence, it all went in vain and the music personality lost all his respect for His Airness.

The Michael Jordan-Chamillionaire story will be forever a classic.

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