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Ex-Marine Ian Christopher Baunach Murdered His Ex-Wife Katie Baunach And Burned Her Body In Backyard

It’s a cruel world! According to reports, a former Florida marine named Ian Christopher Baunach killed his ex-wife named Katie Baunach, and burned her body in the backyard. What happened?

The New York Post has the details;

A hulking former Marine allegedly killed his ex-wife when she stopped by his Florida home to pick up her belongings — then destroyed her remains, which were found scattered in a “burn pile” on his property.

Ian Christopher Baunach, 43, of LaBelle, pled not guilty in Tampa federal court Monday to first-degree murder charges in the gruesome death of Katie Baunach, the 39-year-old mom of his two children, the Daily Beast reported.

Last month, Katie reportedly obtained a restraining order against the former bodybuilder for allegedly abusing one of the kids.

She was last seen on Sept. 29 when she told a friend she was going over to pick up a few belongings at Ian’s home and would return immediately, according to the outlet.

“This was the last time Katie Baunach was seen alive,” according to a criminal complaint cited by the outlet.

When police went to investigate at Ian’s property the next day, they noticed that her car was parked in his driveway with her purse still inside, but the former bodybuilder was not there.

When the cops returned a short while later, they noticed that her car had been moved to the street.

Ian refused to allow the officers inside so they obtained a search warrant to search the premises of the alleged killer, who was arrested in November 2021 on charges of domestic battery by strangulation.

He was sprung on $25,000 bond and the charges were dropped in January.

Once inside the man’s home the officers detected “signs of a physical struggle” so they sprayed his car’s trunk with luminol, “a chemical that reacts to the presence of blood by glowing blue,” the document states.

“The interior of Baunach’s vehicle trunk glowed blue after law enforcement applied the luminol,” according to the complaint cited by the Daily Beast.

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