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Jalen Rose on If He Was Taking a Shot at Stephen A. Smith For His Constant Trolling of Cowboys

Jalen Rose caused a little stir when he tweeted the following.

“So glad I didn’t make a career of content pretending to fake troll the Cowboys.”

The context of that tweet is that many media people are living and making millions off hot takes these days. One of the easiest ways to get attention in the media is to latch on to some of the most popular teams and players.

It doesn’t matter what side you take. As long as it is a side served hot, you will get some attention.

Cowboys, LeBron, Brady, Yankees, Duke, Bama, etc., etc. It doesn’t matter. This is how the media game works these days. Fans immediately thought Rose was taking a shot at his ESPN colleague Stephen A. Smith who has made part of his living trolling Cowboys fans, and it is why Michael Irvin is on First Take on Mondays during the football season.

Others believe that Rose was taking a shot at Smith because of the rumor that Smith is in some sort of relationship with Rose’s ex-wife and First Take co-host Molly Qerim. Rose has shot down that rumor many times, but it persists.

This morning, it was trending on social media until Rose decided to speak out on it again and who he was referring to in his tweet.

Rose once again stated that Smith and Qerim have nothing but a professional relationship. Rose stated the person he was speaking about was Skip Bayless, whom he famously went into on First Take many years ago.

Social media pushed back on that because Skip is a Cowboys fan, not a troll, but I feel Rose was speaking more in generalities after Skip threw his Dak Prescott jersey in an empty trash can.

Flip the pages for Rose, speaking about who he was referring to.

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