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Watch Boosie Get Mad After Getting Shorted Of Jelly By McDonald’s Employee

Boosie went mad and called out a McDonald’s employee who shorted him jelly for his breakfast. The controversial rapper hopped on Instagram and gave it to the employee for shorting his jelly.

According to VladTV;

When he isn’t performing and creating music or appearing on VladTV, Boosie takes time to document his day-to-day outings on social media. The rapper recently slid to McDonald’s to get some of their breakfast, but hilariously went off after feeling he got shorted on jelly for his breakfast. 

While on IG Live, Boosie could be seen getting his food from an employee at the drive-thru, making sure the jelly he asked for was already in the bag. 

The rapper closed the window and looked in the bag, only to realize he didn’t get enough jelly, saying, “Damn you stingy wit the jelly.” 

While driving off, Boosie got upset, saying, “Hate when they act like that wit the f**kin jelly. You is not getting no f**king raise to get no f**king jelly. F**king two-pack? I should go back. Stupid ass. Told her four jellies. She gave me two. I hate when they act like that with f**king jelly.”

Boosie didn’t stop there, saying, “That is not your f**king jelly. Fucking jelly. They got so much of that s**t in there. Acting like that with the jelly. You ain’t gon’ get no raise for not giving a n***a no jelly.”

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