Oscar De La Hoya Admits 2007 Cross Dressing Photos of Him Were Not Fakes


Back in 2007 BSO was in its infancy and honestly sports and entertainment blogs didn’t really have a strong foothold in the mainstream media.  There certainly wasn’t as many as there are now.

One of the stories at least in the sports world that you could say put some life into the sports blogging industry was the Oscar De La Hoya Cross Dressing scandal.

I had pretty good sources back then, so I always knew they were real. De La Hoya made numerous denials, threatened to sue a lot of sites (including mine), but he hax decided to come clean finally.

Oscar De La Hoya has finally admitted that the controversial photos of him seen wearing fishnet lingerie stockings were legitimate.

In an interview at univision, De La Hoya said “Let me tell you, yes, it was me. I’m tired of lying, lying to people, lying to myself.” De La Hoya had denied that the photos were authentic, saying that they had been doctored.

De La Hoya claims he was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol at the time he took the pics.  I tend to believe that because Cocaine is a hell of a drug and makes you do a lot of weird stuff

With that said, good for him, probably felt good getting that off his chest.

I was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio one day and they were talking about how much they liked D Wade after one meeting at a celebrity bowling event.

They gushed on and on about what a wonderful guy he was just because he smiled and signed a few autographs. I made a point on twitter of saying how clueless they sounded. Not because Wade is a good or bad guy, but for basis that off one charity event with the cameras are on.

We simply do not know how athletes are behind the scenes, just because they put on a good public faces doesn’t mean anything.

But it is the media that causes fans to have these blanket assumptions about athletes and then when it turns out to be wrong they get mad.

If you are a fan always remember these lines by Jay Z and you will never disappointed, surprised or swayed by any athlete or celebrity actions.

They’re all actors
Looking at themselves in the mirror backwards
Can’t even face themselves, don’t fear no rappers
They’re all weirdos, DeNiro’s in Practice
So don’t believe everything your earlobe captures
Its mostly backwards
Unless it happens to be as accurate as me
And everything said in song you happen to see
Then actually, believe half of what you see
None of what you hear even if its spat by me

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  1. De La Hoya claims he was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol at the time he took the pics. I tend to believe that because Cocaine is a hell of a drug and makes you do a lot of weird stuff

    Alcohol is a powerful drug that causes people to do some stupid shit!

    I agree about your comments on DWade. Just because these guys act all nice with the cameras on, doesn’t mean they actually nice. The one thing we should all be aware of is that our opinions of players personal lives are meaningless as we don’t know them behind the scenes. Even behind the scene shows like 24/7 are untrustworthy as they can be edited to portray a certain image.

  2. Great article! The fact that Dela Hoya was trying to sue websites including yours for publishing those photos is grounds for counter-suing the lying two faced cross dressing bum.

    Jay Z was brutally honest about the duality of celebrities. Really most of them are just talented little boys and girls who find themselves flush with cash and fame and inflated egos overnight.

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