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33-Year-Old Ana Montana Not Allowed to Show Her Face on LaMelo Ball’s IG Stories

Once a famous person shows off his or her loved one on social media, it means a lot. It could mean they’ve gone official or see themselves living together in the future.

LaMelo Ball hasn’t gone official with his girlfriend Ana Montana yet, but he’s flaunting her on his Instagram page to promote his clothing line called LaFrance clothing. Posting Ana Montana is strictly business, not letting the world he’s madly in love with her.


Melo took to Instagram to promote LaFrance clothing. LaMelo also did  something he hasn’t done previously, LaMelo posted a picture of his girlfriend Ana Montana on his Instagram.

Just in case you’re not buying into that it’s her, here’s Ana schilling for LaMelo’s clothing company. Not exactly going Instagram official, but a big step nonetheless.

Maybe next time LaMelo will post her face. LaMelo and Ana Montana are still going strong, hard to believe it.

Everyone knows that the 33-year-old Montana and the 20-year-old Ball are hooking up, but I still find it funny that he won’t show her face on social media. She had done everything in her power to let people know that she is living with LaMelo, but he refuses to give her what she wants, which is an IG official co-sign.

This is about as close as she will get. LaVar taught LaMelo well.

“If you’re in this profession, you got all this fame and notoriety — how are you going to meet a good girl? You’re not.”

LaVar says the only places NBA players meet women during their busy careers are at restaurants, clubs or in the arenas — “So, I hate to tell you but you’re going to meet a hoe. Just how it goes, son.”

“So son, that’s the bad part of the life you’re going to get — you’re never going to meet a good woman.”

LaVar also warned that by the time his kids understand what he’s talking about — it’ll almost be too late … because if they meet a woman who’s 30 and single “You gotta wonder why she’s by herself at 30.”

“So there’s something that’s dangerous no matter how good they look — but have a good time son. I feel bad for you — but hey I love the fact you made it!”

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