TikToker Claims Teyana Taylor Allegedly Had Drug Overdose After She Caught Iman Shumpert Cheating On Her – BlackSportsOnline
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TikToker Claims Teyana Taylor Allegedly Had Drug Overdose After She Caught Iman Shumpert Cheating On Her

Teyana Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert may be the perfect couple on social media but one TikToker is spilling the tea on their marriage. According to the TikToker, Teyana allegedly had a drug overdose after she caught her husband Iman cheating on her.

The TikToker couldn’t provide any evidence to support the allegations and according to MTO News that claims to have spoken to people around the couple, neither of the people they spoke to confirmed the allegations. They believe it’s not true.

The TikTok star suggests that Teyana may have suffered from a drug overdose, after allegedly catching her husband Iman cheating.

But even without confirmation, the allegations against Teyana are going viral all over social media. And MTO News confirmed that her comments are currently in utter shambles.

In the video, the TikToker claims that she received a tip from the assistant of an anonymous celebrity, which she describes as, a Black singer with a TV show and two daughters. Sounds like Teyana right?

She also described the singer, by saying that her husband appeared on Dancing With The Stars and was showered with tons of accolades. Sounds like Teyana right? (Iman won Dancing With The Stars).

So what was the tea? Well, the TikToker claims that the assistant found Teyana in her bathroom after suffering from a drug overdose, because she allegedly caught Iman cheating. She mentioned the date of the alleged overdose as November 28th. Here is a pic of Teyana from November 28th, in a hospital bed suffering from what her team called “exhaustion.”

There have always been rumors about Shumpert cheating and he was even caught by the police once. Taylor says she tries to have threesome with him, so she can keep him close, but there is no evidence of any type of overdose even though she was in the hospital and missed that concert date. I will just say this and this is more of a blanket statement, never believe anything that celebrities, athletes, or even regular people tell you about their relationship on social media. No one knows what is really going on behind closed doors.

With that being said, I am going to chalk this rumor up to being false and someone just trying to get more TikTok views.

Flip to the next page for the video and if you are just here for the thirst traps of Taylor you know what to do.

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